Janie Mertz (aladytraveler)

Often called Aladytraveler or ladytraveler, my images are from 39 years of world travel & 24 years of freelance photography. OUTDOOR,NATURE, & TRAVEL is my speciality. I reside in East Tennessee near the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. My love of people, nature, & my passion for travel, keeps me seeking new images for my collection. I get great strength & peace from the beauty I see in our world, power from the oceans, & great joy from creatures of the forests. I hope people see the beauty of our world in my photos, appreciate it, and will help to preserve it for many generations to come.
I have thousands of outdoor, nature, and travel images in case you have a certain photo need that I might be able to fulfill for you. Email me with your requests to: I appreciate you viewing and purchasing my photography. TO GOD GIVE THE GLORY GREAT THINGS HE HATH DONE! I only show his handiwork through my photography. Thank you, Janie McCown Mertz,
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